Guest Safety

"Traveler Safety Tips"

  • Never leave personal property unattended
  • Be observant; look around before entering parking areas
  • Secure sliding glass doors, connecting doors and windows
  • For added protection use Dead Bolts and Secondary Locks
  • Secure money or valuables in a Safe Deposit Box - see the Front Desk
  • All children under the age of 17 shall have adult supervision
  • Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying cash or jewelry
  • Use the Main Entrance when returning or leaving late in the evening
  • Do not admit persons to your room without first making visual identification
  • Immediately report suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to the Front Desk
  • Do not leave money, valuables or personal documents in your room or vehicle

In Case Of:


  • Stay Calm
  • Take medication with you
  • Do not touch exposed wires
  • Stay away from windows and mirrors
  • Do not light matches or cigarette lighters
  • If unable to exit, wait for emergency safety personnel
  • Remain still until the shaking has stopped, do not run outside


  • Stay calm
  • Locate the two (2) nearest stairwells/exits
  • If your door is hot, stay until emergency personnel arrive
  • If your door is cool, open slowly and proceed to the nearest exit
  • Take your room key in case you have to get back into your room
  • If the fire is in your room, leave if you can and immediately pull alarm