Spanish 21

Spanish 21 has emerged as a popular alternative to blackjack in casinos all around the country. The most significant difference is that Spanish 21 takes a standard deck and removes the 10 and joker cards. In Spanish 21, when a player draws a 21 or blackjack, it automatically beats the dealer — there is no tying. These factors change the dynamics of the game considerably, and many experienced players find Spanish 21 to be both more exciting and easier to win.


Tre' Card Stud

"Three Cards is All It Takes"

Let the fun begin! Tre Card Stud (tm), a contemporary variation of three-card stud poker, offers a fun and exciting chance to win big money. By placing an additional wager, players may win all or part of a progressive jackpot.  In 2014 Gold Country Casino Resort paid out over $131,000 in progressive jackpots to two lucky players!


Double Deck Pitch

Double-deck blackjack game that let guests hold their cards, giving them more control when deciding whether to hit, stay, double, and/or split.

Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Try a Lucky Lucky Side Bet from $1 to $10 on your next blackjack hand. You could win up to 100 times your original bet!


Face Up Pai Gow

Face up Pai Gow Poker features head to head play against the dealer and offers the Fortune Bonus and Ace-High wagers. As in standard Pai Gow each player and dealer receive seven cards but in Face up Pai Gow the dealer’s cards are dealt face up.

Face up Pai Gow is a commission free game. You do not pay a 5% commission when you beat the dealer; however, when the dealer plays Ace high you automatically push.


Vegas Style 21


Blackjack was adapted from a version of the French game vignt-et-un, or “21,” and is the casino’s most popular card game. The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible while having your hand closer to 21 than the dealers. Ties are a standoff or a "push" as they are more commonly referred to. All cards are counted at face value. Tens and face cards are counted as ten. Aces can count as either one or eleven.  Check out our unique bonus opportunities and pit promotions!


Ultimate Texas Hold 'em

Enjoy this fun and exciting new twist on an old classic: Texas Hold 'em! Traditionally the goal is to have the best hand at the table, but in Ultimate Texas Hold 'em you only need to beat the dealer! To learn more about how to play Click Here.


Lucky Lucky Blackjack

Gold Country's newest exciting Blackjack game "Lucky Lucky Blackjack" will be available to play beginning July 1st, 2016! See below for rules:

Players must place a Blackjack bet in order to play the Lucky Lucky optional bet.

If a player chooses to participate, an optional bet is to be placed in the designated area on the layout.

Only the player controlling the square may participate in the option wager.

All bets will be placed prior to Dealer dealing any cards.

The Lucky Lucky optional wager is based on the Player's first two cards and the Dealer's up card.

Table Games

Place your bets and get ready for action on the most exciting casino floor in Northern California. Whether you are interested in serious or light-hearted play, Gold Country Casino Resort offers an ace array of table games to satisfy. Hands down, the most alluring energy around!