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The Best Time To Visit Northern California

Anytime is the best time to visit Northern California, but each season offers something different worth exploring. For some, the temperate spring and fall seasons are ideal for visiting the area, but others may appreciate the snow in the mountains or the milder winters inland. Summer offers access to everything from outdoor hiking adventures to wine tastings and vineyard tours.

Below, we'll highlight what makes each season so special for Northern California travelers:

Northern California in Winter

Oroville, Casino bar and slot machines at Gold Country Casino Resort.

Many people love visiting Northern California during winter for the excellent skiing and snowboarding. But depending on where you are in Northern California, you may experience a mild winter or rain. The Bay Area gets wet, and inland around Sacramento (about an hour south of Gold Country Casino Resort) sees no snow.

The Sierras experience plenty of snow for skiing at the well-known resorts at Lake Tahoe and Kirkwood. In Oroville, conditions vary from the upper 30s at night to the mid-60s during the day. We suggest taking advantage of Gold Country’s Winter Escape Package and enjoying our Oroville casino and hotel amenities, including spectacular Oroville restaurants, Northern California events, and more.

If you want to get outdoors, Phantom Falls, a waterfall that appears only during our winter rainy season, is a short 14-mile drive from our resort.

Northern California in Spring

Oroville Dam in Northern California near Gold Country Casino Resort.

Temperatures range from mid-40s at night to mid-80s during the day. In Oroville, our temps fall to the mid-40s in April for lows, but by early June our high temperatures may reach 90.

Spring is an excellent time to visit Northern California for wildflowers, hiking, and visiting popular attractions. Find several things to do in Oroville in springtime, including a walking tour of our public art, or drive over the nation’s tallest dam, just a few miles from Gold Country Casino.

Northern California in Summer

Pouring red wine into glasses on a barrel at dusk.

In the summer, expect cool nights that can dip into the 50s with days that average in the 90s and can reach 100. On the coast, however, the legendary fog keeps summers some of the coolest in the nation. Northern California summers are usually dry with little precipitation.

During your summer stay at Gold Country Casino Resort, you must visit Feather River Nature Center, which features a lovely walking trail and the historic site where one of the first veins of California gold was discovered in 1849.

Late summer means wine tasting in Northern California, and we recommend Long Creek Winery and Ranch and Grey Fox Vineyards, each only a few miles from our property.

Northern California in Fall

Walking trail through fields covered in wildflowers, North Table Ecological Reserve, Oroville, California,

In autumn, temperatures range from the low 40s at night to the upper 80s during the day, making fall one of the best times to visit Northern California. In Oroville, September remains very hot and summer-like, excellent conditions for taking a dip in our resort pool.

By the end of November, we experience pleasing temps between the mid-40s and mid-60s. These are ideal conditions for longer hikes and more time outdoors at Lake Oroville, where you can catch breathtaking California sunsets.

Oroville hosts the annual Salmon Festival in September, and this is a great family-friendly weekend of events to show off local history, crafts, and food. Fall is also a wonderful time of year to visit North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, a 10-mile drive from our resort.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Northern California

What is the best month to visit Northern California?

The best month to visit Northern California depends on what you want to do. For wine tasting, August–September is the time to visit, but for skiing and snowboarding, you’ll need to come in February. Wildflower photography is best for the spring months, notably March. If you want to visit Northern California for a good time in great accommodations, any month of the year is the best time to a stay at our hotel in Oroville.

What is the rainy season in Northern California?

The Northern California rainy season extends from November to March. Typically, Oroville experiences most rainfall in February, with an average rainfall of just over 6 inches. If you intend on missing the rainy season, we recommend visiting the area during the summer months when average rainfall is below 1 inch.

Whatever you consider the best time to visit Northern California, book your room or suite at our resort casino in Northern California for an exciting stay at our award-winning hotel.

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